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  • Thank you very much for the fast turn around time in communicating with us and getting the answers that we needed. I really appreciate it and makes me feel very good about the decision to buy a property in a community managed by Vertex Professional Group.

    Author's imageDan O'BrienBoard Member

    Vertex has great relationships with many local vendors. Because of this, they were able to negotiate very favorable terms with vendors saving the HOA money while making sure we get the services we are promised. They are also very diligent about checking our neighborhood periodically and bringing issues to our attention prior to them becoming emergencies.

    Author's imageStan RiceBoard Member
  • Quite honestly, our HOA was on the brink of bankruptcy. If it wasn’t for our switch to Vertex, I don’t know where we would be today.

    I honestly cannot say enough good things about Vertex. They took care of the transition process and everything went smoothly. They spent many hours working with the Board to develop an operating budget that would bring us back into the black and saved our community from financial ruin.

    Vertex has certainly made our job as Board Members easier and we’ve been able to concentrate on the real issues in our neighborhood rather than constantly having to follow-up with the management company. I would highly recommend Vertex Professional Group to any community!

    Author's imageStacy WolfordPresident - Board of Directors

  • Thank you for the quick follow-up and all the hard work Vertex has put in. Great job at getting to the bottom of things and keeping us posted on your progress. Bad communication is a trend with other management companies so I’m glad we finally found a company where communication comes first.

    Thank you again, what a rockstar!

    Author's imageKati McphillipsTreasurer - Board of Directors
  • Wow, Vertex has really set the bar high when it comes to expectations now. Thank you for all the updates and on a serious note, truly great response on the emergency issue. A job very well done!

    I, as well as all the other Board Members, really appreciate all your hard work and the positive image you always put out; even under stress and difficult times. That is what we need and so happy we found this with Vertex.

    Max FisherBoard Member
  • I was hesitant to take another term on The Board because our prior management company had very little presence in our community so it fell to The Board to run the association. However, with the switch to VPG, I now see how a community should properly be run. VPG handles all management and financial aspects brilliantly with updates to The Board on the progress.

    Couldn’t ask for a better management company.

    Author's imageMike FahringerPresident - Board of Directors

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