Our Portfolio

  • Community Cleanup

    Community Cleanup Its that time of year again, and spring cleaning is getting ready to start in most of our Communities! Timeframe: Late February (as weather permits) to Early March Mulch Bed Edging should be taking place also in Late February/Early March Lirope, spirea, and roses are cut back. Mulch beds are cleaned out to […]

  • 2018 Holiday Hours

    The Vertex Office will have the following Holiday Schedule: CHRISTMAS: – Thursday, December 20th – CLOSE at Noon – Monday, December 24th – CLOSED – Tuesday, December 25th – CLOSED NEW YEARS: – Monday, December 31st – CLOSED – Tuesday, January 1st – CLOSED

  • Look out for the Smart Car!

    See our Smart Car in your Community? As we prepare for the upcoming Spring/Summer season, you may see some of the Vertex Staff in your Community . We want to improve the aesthetics of each Community, therefore we are rolling out the smart wheels and headed your way!

  • Reporting Strong Winds

    Please use our Help Desk to report any strong wind damage. You can submit a damage report online by clicking here or click on the Help Desk link on the top menu. Once you are on our Help Desk page, please fill out the Help & Support box with your email, Wind Damage as the […]

  • Make a Online Payment

    To make a online payment please click here or click on the Help Desk link on the top menu. Once you are on our Help Desk page, you will see two big buttons to make a payment by e-check or credit card.

  • Get To Know Our Staff

    Vertex Team Building Join along with us in better knowing our Vertex team members. As part of our team building exercise, see how well you know our staff members. We asked our staff a series of questions and will give you the choice of two possible answers of how they completed the question. Watch the […]

  • New Community

    Vertex is proud to announce the a new addition to the VPG Family and welcome our new community to the fold. We are proud and honored you have made the switch and look forward to working with the Board and all the homeowners.

  • VGB Pool Drain Covers

    Most of the main drain and skimmer equalizer covers that were installed to comply with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act, were installed in April/May of 2009, and will need replacement in the spring of 2014. Drain cover manufacturers were required to state a life span for each cover; with the majority […]

  • Budget Prep

    The VPG Team is actively in the process of completing 2014 budgets and year end projections. Vertex sets a goal to have all budgets approved by the end of October.